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Is Premio Primo?

Is Premio Primo? I never really thought much of sausages.  I didn’t grow up eating them, nor did I ever crave them and now why am I making a big deal about them?  It’s because they are not readily available, that’s why.

Starting Over – The Bad, The Ugly and Just a Little Good

I never thought I had it in me to start over – to pick up my life and move somewhere else.  It sounds like a divorce and it is – I was divorcing my life as I knew it. After uprooting my life  2 months ago,  I frequently ask myself, what the hell did I do?!  Sometimes I wake up hoping that this was just one of those weird dreams that leave you feeling as if you experienced it but on some cognitive level you know you will eventually wake up.  When I first arrived in North Carolina I prayed that I wouldn’t shed a tear in front of my son for the things that I missed the most – my friends and family.  I was craving the interaction I had, even with the unfriendly postman who who…

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