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Say What?

I can help you find the right words

Sometimes we are stuck and can't find the right words, need another point of view, another set of eyes, or a partner in helping with your current writing project.

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Resume & Cover Letter Revamp

Does your resume need a refresher?  Not sure?  Have you sent out hundreds and haven't heard back?  That may be your answer.

Customer Service Conundrum

Are you tired of getting "NO" as an answer?  Have you tried contacting customer service and didn't hear back?  The art of writing letters has gone by the wayside, yet has proven to be the most valuable tool out there for results.

Am I too Wordy? 

"Am I too wordy?" said no one.  Do you need help paring down an article, proposal, or letter you are writing?  Do you feel you are not getting the desired result?  Maybe you need a wordsmith like me to help.

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