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Autumn Leaf

November 12, 2020

Autumn Leaf: Latest Work

Autumn Leaf

Change Is Upon Us

When warm temperatures subside 

and cooler air takes hold

the lazy days of summer shift into the throws of autumn

we are reminded that change is upon us.

As if on cue, vibrant colors sprinkle the landscape

with competing colors that soon fill  the space. 

As one looks out upon the skyline, 

the dramatic purview of change emerges

Illustrating the radiant shades of Autumn.

Leaves shimmer and dance in the wind

Altering itself from green to an eye catching hue,  

continuing nature’s progress

to its ultimate metamorphosis.

Merged colors awake our senses 

and we can imagine tasting yellows as tart as a lemon

or oranges as sweet as an apricot. 

To look at the reds we can imagine

something as beautiful as a Cardinal perched on a bare branch. 

And to hear all the colors come alive as

the wind brushes through the bright leaves above.

The leaves of Autumn heighten our awareness

and a false sense of renewal takes hold.

The dynamic and eye-popping foliage soon matures 

and as quickly as Autumn arrived

it retreats with blustery gales. 

The beautiful leaves soon surrender to the season 

and a sea of burgundy foliage

carelessly spiral down

away from its branch.  

Endless shades of crimson 

discarded and parade at our feet

Soon lose its luster and the vibrant reds turn to brown.

The crunch below our feet were the once beautiful red leaves

signifying its final journey by becoming the ground once more.

And our reminder that change is upon us.

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