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Do Your Part

Invisible and present fear

Affecting those far and near

The never ending news cycle, it remains clear

The horrible Covid-19 virus is still here.

Feeling uncertain about everyone's fate

Do you wonder what will happen in our current state?

As we watch the dangerous infection rate

Alarming it is, and must assume the virus mutates.

The virus is indiscriminate and extremely scary

With symptoms wide ranging and vary

Doctors and nurses work their bones till they’re bleary

Leaving most distraught and extremely weary.

Keeping our distance from each other 

Stand six feet apart and do not hover

Some think it should be much farther

And wonder if the steps should be broader.

By social distancing and remaining apart

May seem severe and hurt one’s heart 

With that in mind, you are doing your part

It isn’t foolish, it is exceedingly smart.

Seven months of being anti-social

Is making many a little mental

Not to follow CDC guidance is truly shameful

Get with the program as it is vital.  

To not take people safety seriously

Is a dereliction of your personal duty  

Nor is it time to show apathy

Do the right thing, is my plea.

The ask of all is to wear a face mask

Really Isn’t such a big ask

It is such a simple task

If all did, the virus would be a thing of the past.

Do Your Part: Work
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