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Unfinished For Now

Do you know anyone who deals with change well? I don't think that person is me. 

I started sharing my essays as I was coping with uprooting my life and moving to another part of the country, re-entering the workforce after a brief hiatus from professional life to really random things.  The outlet provides a way of sharing humorous, exasperating and often ridiculous stories, from the mundane to the obscure. The title of the blog, Unfinished For Now seems completely appropriate, as I am not done with anything.  

My essays are well received, appearing on Scary Mommy, LinkedIn, Newsweek and Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PANCAN) delighting readers all over the world with heartfelt realism and humor.  My hope is that the stories will resonate and take you to some far away place, even for a few minutes.   

Thank you for reading.

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Taking Notes

In order to write about life first you must live it.

Ernest Hemingway

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Thanksgiving, giving thanks or just being thankful, it’s really a state (or 2) of mind.

Thanksgiving has always one of my favorite holidays, partly because there were no religious implications and secondly it’s a time when families get together and just eat really good food.  For almost a decade, my husband and I hosted our family by default. It was my parent’s holiday. For over 40 years they hosted Thanksgiving. I used to love having everyone come over to our house as a kid. I would watch my mother prepare and enjoy the smells of the day and when the meal was o

On the Right Track

On the Right Track My days of being a professional interviewee are over.  Since moving to North Carolina, I’ve haven’t worked, and the transition hasn’t been easy.  One would think that since I had all the time in the world, I would be much more productive than I’ve been.  That happens they say, when you suddenly stop what you’ve been doing – you lose that momentum and that is what I did the minute I said my farewell to my last job. I tried to find humorous things about my jo

Find Me Sadie – Power of Puppy Love Part II

Find Me Sadie – Power of Puppy Love Part II When I first wrote about the newest addition to our family, I hadn’t bargained for all that came with it, and at times still wrestle with dog ownership.  To read, please click here  Sadie was a real challenge to get used to and my level of frustration was near its boiling point, yet through all of it, this little white haired (not fur) dog just looked at

Pool Cues

Pool Cues Joining a neighborhood pool can be quite rewarding and offers a strong feeling of community if you understand the sub-culture of the club.  When the weather is as beastly hot as it is today, it offers a welcomed respite of refreshing coolness to the overheated body. But, when you are uncomfortable to venture to a new place where it feels like everyone knows every other person but you, it can be overwhelmingly difficult to go.  Our neighborhood pool is actually two l

A Tale of My Two Cities

A Tale of My Two Cities I am living a double life – I’ll admit that.  My life revolves around two locations, Raleigh, NC and Huntington, NY and  am teetering tenuously  between the two.  I really love one, painfully so, and attempting to love another and find I am caught in the middle.  How can I love one place down to the bone and not feel a sense of guilt for learning to love the other?   Huntington is part of my heart and soul yet, Raleigh, is now where I reside.  Still no

Can Love be found in other places?

Can Love be found in other places? Valentine’s Day is lurking about and landed once again this Thursday morning.  I never enjoyed Valentine’s Day, even now, when my life is such that I found my life partner to celebrate it with.  When I was young and single, the idea of this ‘holiday’, just like New Year’s Eve brought about tremendous stress, denial and utter disappointment, all because I was unlucky in love.  I focused on what wasn’t in my life rather than what was present a

Separated By Miles – A Sister from Another Mister (& Misses)

Separated By Miles – A Sister from Another Mister (& Misses) Putting it out there to meet new people -from fitting into to a new community or group of friends while trying to re-establish your identity when you are not sure of who or where you are anymore has its challenges.  When I first arrived in Raleigh, I really didn’t know where to start.  I had thought that people would be knocking at my door and inviting me over for sweet tea but that didn’t happen immediately.  I sup

Oh The Humidity

Oh the Humidity! I knew it would be bad, I knew it would take getting used to, but I didn’t think that it would last this long.  What am I talking about?  It’s that pesky annoying byproduct of the weather called humidity, of course.  Being nestled in the middle of the state of North Carolina, my naïve self thought that the humidity was only present in and around the coastal areas.  Boy was I wrong.  The 80% relative humidity each day has wreaked havoc on my once smooth curly

Deli Life

Deli Life There are things that I never thought I’d miss moving out of New York, and when I do, it hits me like a ton of bricks. Like delis. It can be my neighborhood deli or even the one at my local supermarket.  But most of all, it’s the Bay Deli in Huntington with their signature sandwiches that I crave the most. I miss the smell of grease from the bacon, egg and cheese on a roll for breakfast. I used to line up with all the locals who enjoyed starting their day on this ma

On The Road Again

On the Road Again Driving is second nature – after all, I’ve been driving my entire adult life and sometimes when driving around my home town, I feel as though I am on autopilot, knowing where to go and don’t have to think about it.  However, driving in North Carolina has presented some challenges, some of which are as simple as roads being unfamiliar, darkened highways at night and some things you would not expect like getting on the road legally. Here we are, in this unfami

On this day

On this day After reading many friends’ posts on Facebook, each one noting what they were doing on September 11th, eleven years ago today, I too find that I need express myself.  It is respectful acknowledgement of what happened to us as a nation and individually.  Now, more than in years passed, I find that I am more connected to New York than ever.  It’s ironic that I am no longer a resident of New York State, but in my heart, I will always be a New Yorker and have such a s

Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots People try to make connections in every way possible – following instructions, matching checks drawn to those not cashed on your account, playing games, looking for landmarks when navigating an unfamiliar location and yes, meeting new people.  The last I think, is the hardest for some and for others, it’s effortless.  When I first went off to college and then in my early 20s, I broke out of my shell and made the effort to meet new people. In college, then

Starting Over

Starting Over – The Bad, The Ugly and Just a Little Good I never thought I had it in me to start over – to pick up my life and move somewhere else.  It sounds like a divorce and it is – I was divorcing my life as I knew it. After uprooting my life  2 months ago,  I frequently ask myself, what the hell did I do?!  Sometimes I wake up hoping that this was just one of those weird dreams that leave you feeling as if you experienced it but on some cognitive level you know you will

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