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Unfinished For Now

Do you know anyone who deals with change well? I don't think that person is me. 

I started sharing my essays as I was coping with uprooting my life and moving to another part of the country, re-entering the workforce after a brief hiatus from professional life to really random things.  The outlet provides a way of sharing humorous, exasperating and often ridiculous stories, from the mundane to the obscure. The title of the blog, Unfinished For Now seems completely appropriate, as I am not done with anything.  

My essays are well received, appearing on Scary Mommy, LinkedIn, Newsweek and Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PANCAN) delighting readers all over the world with heartfelt realism and humor.  My hope is that the stories will resonate and take you to some far away place, even for a few minutes.   

Thank you for reading.

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Taking Notes

In order to write about life first you must live it.

Ernest Hemingway

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A cream cheese worth the risk?

A cream cheese worth the risk? Why is it I always go back to food?   My tastes are really not all that refined and pretty generic.  However, once you have a taste where nothing else compares, I question if it is worth the risk of going to the ends of the earth to satisfy that taste bud. I traveled back to NY this past week for spring break.  While I was there, I visited with friends and family, went to NYC for a touristy kind of day and felt as if I had finally to come to ter

A Tale of My Two Cities

A Tale of My Two Cities I am living a double life – I’ll admit that.  My life revolves around two locations, Raleigh, NC and Huntington, NY and  am teetering tenuously  between the two.  I really love one, painfully so, and attempting to love another and find I am caught in the middle.  How can I love one place down to the bone and not feel a sense of guilt for learning to love the other?   Huntington is part of my heart and soul yet, Raleigh, is now where I reside.  Still no

Separated By Miles – A Sister from Another Mister (& Misses)

Separated By Miles – A Sister from Another Mister (& Misses) Putting it out there to meet new people -from fitting into to a new community or group of friends while trying to re-establish your identity when you are not sure of who or where you are anymore has its challenges.  When I first arrived in Raleigh, I really didn’t know where to start.  I had thought that people would be knocking at my door and inviting me over for sweet tea but that didn’t happen immediately.  I sup

Is Premio Primo?

Is Premio Primo? This is a question I often ask myself when I have the time.  In the world of sausages, I personally think Premio takes the cake, I mean sauce. Premio sweet sausages are a mainstay in supermarkets across the northeast but once you move south, there are none to be found. When you contemplate moving to another state, weighing all the pros and cons, certain food availabilities are never factored into the equation.   I never really thought much of sausages before

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