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Unfinished For Now

Do you know anyone who deals with change well? I don't think that person is me. 

I started sharing my essays as I was coping with uprooting my life and moving to another part of the country, re-entering the workforce after a brief hiatus from professional life to really random things.  The outlet provides a way of sharing humorous, exasperating and often ridiculous stories, from the mundane to the obscure. The title of the blog, Unfinished For Now seems completely appropriate, as I am not done with anything.  

My essays are well received, appearing on Scary Mommy, LinkedIn, Newsweek and Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PANCAN) delighting readers all over the world with heartfelt realism and humor.  My hope is that the stories will resonate and take you to some far away place, even for a few minutes.   

Thank you for reading.

Taking Notes

In order to write about life first you must live it.

Ernest Hemingway


ExPat New Yorker View of Sandy

ExPat New Yorker View of Sandy Once a New Yorker always a New Yorker is the motto and I do indeed feel I am still a New Yorker even though I now live in North Carolina. Watching the current state of affairs in New York on TV, it’s as if I’ve been punched in the stomach.   Now, 2 weeks after Hurricane Sandy washed ashore, I feel guilty for leaving my beloved home town of Huntington, New York for Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ve counted my blessings for moving out of New York nume