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Lauren Postyn


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Hmmm...what should I call myself?

Writer, Blogger, Organizer, Storyteller, Problem Solver, Letter Linguist, Essay Enthusiast, Finder of Misplaced Items, Resume Re-Do'er; Wife, Complaint Composer, Mother, Daughter, Sister, and a bunch of other things.   Is there a title for that?

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My Unfinished Story

Someone once asked, “What are you passionate about?” For me, it is stringing words together and getting lost and found in the sentences, paragraphs and stories that appear on my page and screen.

For 30 years (gosh I'm old) , I've been managing, marketing and delivering world class conferences, events, meetings, and educational forums for corporate and nonprofit organizations. From inception to completion, I always put myself in the other person's shoes and imagine receiving the information I am sending out.  I think back to the lesson learned in third grade from Ms. Capobianco who said- "give me directions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from start to finish."  From that moment, my style of business communication was born.

When I am not working or jotting down stories for my blog, I manage to keep myself busy with a few side hustles.  As a seasoned wordsmith, I have helped numerous people in a variety of ways including  article author, editorial excise-r, letter linguist, resume re-do’er, complaint composer, training enthusiast, project planner -  to name a few.

Originally from Huntington, New York, I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina with my husband, and son in 2012.  We picked up my pocketbook dog Sadie along the way.

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